SMART Testing

Renee Smith, M.Ed.

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Renee SmithRenee Smith is an educational consultant and former teacher with a master’s degree of education. In addition, Renee holds a BSBA and Gifted Education Certification. She has over 25 years of experience in personalizing education and has taught K-12, ESL, community college, and university classes. She has experience with public, private, and homeschool teaching environments.

Based in Wilmington, NC, True North Consulting & Associates specializes in academic student services and educational consulting. Renee works with students and families on educational strategies to equip students for success. By integrating resources, technology, and community partnerships, she individualizes educational journeys for students of all ages.

Through administering the Woodcock Johnson Achievement Tests, Renee has the opportunity to encourage and advise students and their parents with resource planning. She understands both the challenges and rewards involved on the educational journey.