SMART Testing

Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement (WJ IV)

Grade K - Adult


$100 Basic (10 sub-tests, ~2 hrs) Inquire about discounts during off-peak testing times

Additions to Basic

+ $25 Additional Reading Comprehension (2 additional sub-tests, ~.5 hr)
    1 additional interpretive cluster: Reading Comprehension

+ $10 Additional Math (1 additional sub-test, ~.25 hr)
    1 additional interpretive cluster: Math Problem Solving

+ $10 Additional Writing (1 additional sub-test, ~.25 hr)
    1 additional interpretive cluster: Basic Writing Skills

+ $25 Academic Knowledge (3 add'l sub-tests, ~.5 hr)
    Science, Social Studies, Humanities

+ $25 Additional Reading (4 additional sub-tests, ~.5 hr)
    4 additional interpretive clusters: Basic Reading Skills, Reading Fluency, Reading Rate, Phoneme-Grapheme Knowledge

+ $60 Broad Oral Language (6 additional sub-tests, ~1.25 hr)
    5 interpretive clusters: Oral Language, Broad Oral Language, Listening Comprehension, Oral Expression, Speed of Lexical Access

+ $25 Additional Phonics (2 additional sub-tests, ~.5 hr)
    1 interpretive cluster: Phonetic Coding

Tests administered outside the SMART associate's home testing area may be subject to a travel fee.

Please contact an Associate to arrange a date and then complete the Registration Form.

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